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Thread: Historical Wagner Recordings...............

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    Quote Originally Posted by vincula View Post
    What about the Naxos Historical one?
    It elevates the orchestral colour at the expense of the vocal cleanness. They used a HQ Long Play tape to remaster. Results are nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vincula View Post
    Pristine's very expensive. What about the Naxos Historical one? Does it sound better than the EMI one? Price's roughly the same on both cases...
    I compared them a long time ago. As I recall, they did sound somewhat different, although it was hard to say which was “better”. I ended up keeping the EMI.

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    Thanks to both of you . I've got only Bohm's Bayreuth '66 on the shelves, which I really like. If the difference in SQ's only marginal, then I'll buy the cheapest of those two.



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    Quote Originally Posted by adriesba View Post
    What release has the best mastering of the Furtwängler Tristan und Isolde? I'm seeing several releases — Naxos, Pristine, Membran, Diverdi, and three EMI.
    Quote Originally Posted by adriesba View Post
    That Pristine sound sample surely is tempting! But wow, that's expensive!

    By the way, why have all these different labels released it? Isn't it now copyrighted by Warner?
    For me Pristine XR is the best sound 52 Tristan Furtwangler, the cost is high for individual purchase but you quickly realize for the price of 3 albums you can get annual HD streaming service and have unlimited access to entire amazing Pristine catalog

    As always there is long HD music sample to check using your existing streaming audio system

    Fanfare Magazine comments on Pristine XR remaster:

    The real question for collectors is whether this Pristine transfer is significantly superior to the earlier ones. I had praise for both EMI’s and Naxos’s versions, giving a very slight edge to the Naxos transfer by Mark Obert-Thorn. I was not expecting a meaningful difference in Andrew Rose’s effort for Pristine, but in fact it is enough of an improvement to warrant its purchase by any serious collector. In addition to listening to it all the way through, I did a number of spot A-B comparisons to the EMI and Naxos. It seems to me that Rose has managed to come up with a sound picture that is fuller at both the upper and lower extremes of frequency, without ever turning the sound harsh. It is the bass that is particularly impressive here—never boomy, but satisfyingly solid with an impact missing until now. The orchestral colors are richer, the voices bloom more, and the whole is more satisfying than it has ever been. I heard the ambient stereo version, but assume the monaural version that Pristine also issues is of equal quality. Pristine’s ambient stereo bears no relation to the pseudo-stereo that the record companies tried to peddle in the 1970s, but instead manages to create just a bit more of a sense of space around the sound. Of course Pristine’s version is also available as a FLAC download from its website.
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