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Thread: Orchestras in the 21st Century - a new paradigm

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    Default Orchestras in the 21st Century - a new paradigm

    Link to above article in The Guardian:
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    I feel somewhat guilty that I didn't attend Messiaen's Turangalila Symphony when the local orchestra preformed it last winter, but I honestly didn't find out about it until the day of the concert and it was -30° that day, so I was glad to be home. I scanned the season program and it seems like there are now lots of concerts, such as the Orchestra does the Stones, the Who, the Beatles and Broadway/light classical evenings, mixed in with what seem to be fewer standard classical evenings, but the Turangalila event stands out as different. I would like to be in a financial position to support events such as this.

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    Le Grand Macabre probably would not have happened if we had run a poll to check its viability, and it ended up being described as “an instant Philharmonic milestone”.

    Change is difficult, but possible, as well as necessary.

    I'm glad someone still got the guts to say it in the age of Big Data

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