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Thread: Going crazy!!

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    Default Going crazy!!

    Like everyone (almost) else who posts on here, I'm going crazy trying to remember which song this melody is from. Except I have no external link of the song, it's just repeating in my head. I played in on a midi keyboard and uploaded to this post. I looped the melody twice and put a hi hat in there just so you could hear the tempo and try to better place the melody.
    Can anyone please tell me what this is from? I believe it's an orchestral piece or a least least some kind of semi big ensemble. It's a relatively slow movement I believe as well. I was looking through my library of beethoven and schubert, but couldn't find it there. I'm 99% it's from a very well known piece.
    Any ideas??

    ps this is my first post too and I love this forum )
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