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Thread: Why Must You Take Sides: Sutherland and Callas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fritz Kobus View Post
    But is this it? Are Callas and Sutherland the pinnacle of soprano operatic performers? I know that is not the point of this thread, but I am curious if there are other sopranos that rate as highly?
    personally, I love Verrett and Flagstad far more than Callas (who is a great singer, but maybe....10th or so on my list)

    Quote Originally Posted by Eva Yojimbo View Post
    Flagstad and Nilsson rate as highly for me, mainly because they specialized in Wagner and Strauss, which Callas and Sutherland rarely touched. If there was a soprano that dominated in Mozart I'd mention them too, but I've yet to find one. Tebaldi, Leontyne Price, Scwarzkopf, Freni, Te Kanawa, and Tebaldi also rate about as highly.
    none of these singers are rated the same as Callas by the vast majority of people.

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    Well not to throw it off track, which I guess I did, but then the thread has had a lot of mileage already.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BalalaikaBoy View Post
    none of these singers are rated the same as Callas by the vast majority of people.
    That's why I said "to me."

    Really, wouldn't it depend on what repertoire one is a fan of? I dare say that most Wagnerites who don't care much for bel canto would rate Flagstad or Nilsson higher than Callas or Sutherland. One could argue that Callas and Sutherland rate so highly "by the vast majority of people" because they sang repertoire that was, in itself, more popular among those people.

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