Hello, I need help finding an orchestra song a youtuber played in the middle of his video. He plays the song for abour 1 minute, it's a really characteristic orchestra action soundtrack, sounds like something really complex to make, so probably from a movie or big video game.

Here's the link, it's already skipped to where the song starts, but if for whatever reason it doesn't skip for you, it starts at minute 4:20 and goes until minute 5:10. Also the youtuber uses vulgar language, so be warned: https://youtu.be/bTB25cgO8YM?t=4m22s

As an addendum, I'd like to clarify that it sounds A LOT like "He's A Pirate" from the Pirates Of The Caribbean soundtrack, but it's not it. Just for reference, here's a link to that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRh-dzrI4Z4

Any help is greatly appreciated!