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Thread: A Sub-Forum Suggestion

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    Default A Sub-Forum Suggestion

    Just a quick sub-forum suggestion; do with it what you will...

    I was thinking that perhaps the "Identifying Music Thread" that is currently a sticky in the Classical Music Discussion forum should instead have its own sub-forum within it. This way, each request can have its own thread without (a) having to filter through cross-talk that sometimes fails to quote the post to which it is responding to find the answer to a particular question, and (b) cluttering up the main forum with a million threads.

    Just an idea. I think it's worth at least two cents. (The bill is in the mail.)

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    A great suggestion ... I like the idea.
    Would certainly make for easier viewing.

    I'll see what I can do.

    VOILA ... I've created a new sub-forum

    A new sub-forum of Classical Music Discussion: Identifying Music has been born.

    I also moved the old thread of the same name into the new forum area.
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    Good idea phoenixshade, it does get in a bit of a muddle.

    Thank you Krummhorn for waving your magic wand, and making it so.


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    A great idea pheonixshade, and promptly executed by KH. I just could not be bothered to wade through it all in the old set up, Well done.

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    I have one more suggestion. About people come here to seek opinion about their music/composition. I think this is a popular classical music site, it is understandable people like to come here and show off their composition. So far the composer is very likely to get the 'best' criticism and so far, thing can quickly go intense. I proposed a more systematical procedure in this topic, maybe a subforum dedicated for new composer to show off,called Critic Corner ? And here a quideline I copied from photographic forum , which we can modified :

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