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Thread: Please READ THIS BEFORE posting!!

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    Default Please READ THIS BEFORE posting!!

    Thanks to a wonderful suggestion, this Identifying Music sub forum of the Classical Music Discussion was created. A few notes worth mentioning:

    Please begin a new thread for each new question, and be aware of any copyright issues in posted links.

    To further help educate the palates of the general public, songs are sung by a vocalist or vocal group, therefore, a piece being played by musical instruments (other than the human voice) are generally referred to as "works", or "pieces", not songs. Songs are sung ... Pieces or works are played. And, just because a piece uses a violin doesn't always mean it's classical.

    We would also ask that you upload your musical clip to the forum, or post it as a YouTube ... most members prefer not having to go an unfamiliar site and download files.

    In a recent post, Talk Classical member, Rasa, had this to add, which for me, really made lots of sense, and with Rasa's permission, we mention it here in this sticky post:

    Quote Originally Posted by Rasa
    But more then that, TC is doing you, the poster, a favour by taking the time to listen to your fragment. As a simple courtesy, please make soundbytes directly accessible. Preferable you upload them to a public video/audio site like YouTube or Soundcloud. On you tube, please use a time code when applicable. (#t=1m30s)

    If you do upload files, don't upload them to some public file sharing website with a million advertisements, instead upload them right here on the forum.
    To upload here, click on "Go Advanced" and then "Manage Attachments" and follow the onscreen directions from there.

    If you need a non-classical piece of music identified, you can always ask that on our sister forum, Magle International Music Forums.
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