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Thread: The Weather Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenOC View Post
    Back to weather… We’re always concerned about rain here, and until last year had five years of drought. It’s now been raining, sometimes light and sometimes heavier, for two days, and it’s still coming down somewhat. We’ve had, in this event, about two inches of rain.

    John Wayne Airport, near my home, now has over five inches of rain in this rain year, October 1 through September 30, more than twice the average for the date and not too much short of half the average total annual rainfall of thirteen inches. Good news!

    BUT… the rain down here doesn’t count for much since there’s really no way of capturing it and saving it for the dry summers. So we really need the rain, snow, and snowpack in Central and Northern California. The good news: They’re ahead of plan also.

    Now maybe, for a change, I can flush my toilet without feeling guilty.
    According to the models the next 3 will go north of you, but the 4th on about the 21st will give you more rain.

    No weatherman will put much stock in this, it's too many troughs so too much can go differently, but let's see if you get rain around the 21st. Usually takes about a week and a half for disturbances in the flow to accumulate and ruin the prognosis. Also, if the air moves at 40mph, where is the air right now that will be over you on the 21st?
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