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Thread: Hello from Yonkers, NY and Deep River, Ct.

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    Default Hello from Yonkers, NY and Deep River, Ct.

    Hello all:
    I have been listening to (and playing on piano) classical music since I was about 13 - some time ago. Currently I prefer listening to streaming radio. The web site - is my favorite as you can choose from Europe, US, or everywhere else. I prefer the European and other countries because you hear a different mix than most US stations: more choral, opera in full (more Wagner too), etc. I have found lots of Spanish piano music on the Spanish (of course) and Latin American stations. Also lots of pieces I have never heard before. I prefer 19th century and early 20th century - up to early Schoenberg - prior to 12 tone. Though some more recent composers with complex harmonics I also like. I like string quartets (and all small sizes and with piano too) from all periods

    Currently I am listening to all Christmas music (Classical orchestration and choral including carols (nicely done no "I saw Santa... or that horrid chipmunk song, etc. but sung by classical singers from around the world). This on

    I prefer streaming because one is surprised by what comes next. Though I do collect flac recordings of favorites (I just have to consolidate all of that on a single external drive so I can find things immediately).

    I listen only on the computer. I am a software developer so do everything in front of the computer. I am currently using an old speaker system (with woofer ) - Cambridge Soundworks. It is actually very good but interested in something more current comparable under $250 which is why I joined this site but also finding good reviews, discussing new and old favorite pieces with others sounds like fun since most of my friends are not classical listeners.

    Since I develop software , I work primarily at home with 3 Persian cats lounging on my desk (trained to not touch keyboard). This allows me to go to Connecticut in a nice country setting on a marsh and lots of trees so I can see various creatures - a nice break from masses of people.

    Looking forward to meeting other like minded classical music lovers

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    I share your like of cats and string quartets, but I hope you'll get beyond early Schoenberg with our help! Welcome to Talk Classical, and I hope you'll enjoy your time here.

    We have previously developed some TC recommendations for, amongst other things, opera and chamber music.

    Compilation of the TC Top Recommended Lists
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    Hello from right below you!

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    Welcome to TC, missmuffet. Like you I love string quartets and have learned a lot more about them since being here. There are a lot of well-listened people here who generously share their knowledge. It's also a great place to discover new works to enjoy.

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