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I had that experience with the Mobile Fidelity release of one of my favorite rock albums, "Music From Big Pink." But only the redbook layer, not the SACD layer. I had been enjoying the SACD layer, when someone on another forum pointed out the repeated click on the redbook layer. On a first listen, I didn't hear it, But after specifically listening for it, I could. If I hadn't seen the post, I might never have noticed it. And if I'm playing the redbook layer (say, on a player that doesn't support DSD) while doing something else, I certainly don't notice it.

Back on topic, I just added Brautigam to Buchbinder, which I've had for a number of years. I've listened to Brendel, Schiff and Bavouzet on Tidal.
That's a phenomenal album. I got really into it for the first time around this time last year.