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Thread: Best Complete Haydn Piano Sonatas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jegreenwood View Post
    I had that experience with the Mobile Fidelity release of one of my favorite rock albums, "Music From Big Pink." But only the redbook layer, not the SACD layer. I had been enjoying the SACD layer, when someone on another forum pointed out the repeated click on the redbook layer. On a first listen, I didn't hear it, But after specifically listening for it, I could. If I hadn't seen the post, I might never have noticed it. And if I'm playing the redbook layer (say, on a player that doesn't support DSD) while doing something else, I certainly don't notice it.

    Back on topic, I just added Brautigam to Buchbinder, which I've had for a number of years. I've listened to Brendel, Schiff and Bavouzet on Tidal.
    That's a phenomenal album. I got really into it for the first time around this time last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildThing View Post
    Fascinating. It's a split second high-frequency glitch that occurs between 5-6 seconds, then again at 15 seconds, again at 20 seconds, and consistently throughout...

    Be happy that you can't hear it! For me it pretty much ruins the wonderful playing, because instead of enjoying the music I'm just waiting for that next "click" to occur. Like fingers on a chalkboard.
    I'm hearing the same thing. It's very distracting.

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