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Thread: Identify this 5-part set that came pre-loaded on my Creative MP3 player in 2002

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    Default Identify this 5-part set that came pre-loaded on my Creative MP3 player in 2002

    Around about 2002 I bought my first MP3 player - a Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 with 20GB of storage space. Creative shipped the player with some classical albums pre-loaded, though the pre-loaded files were "locked" somehow to disallow transfer to a computer. I'd like to see if I can buy this collection on CD or download now, but I'm having trouble finding it available anywhere.

    The collection was called "Popular Classics" and was split into 5 parts: Popular Classics 1, Popular Classics 2, Popular Classics 3, Popular Classics 4 and Popular Classics 5 (the playing time of each part would fit on a CD - making me suspect the collection is/was originally available as a 5-CD set). The artist was listed as "Beijing Central Phil Orchestr" and I'll copy the tracklistings below. Some of the labels are truncated due to technical limitations.
    I'd really appreciate if anyone could help me locate it.

    (There was a 3-part collection called 'Night Music' also pre-loaded on the MP3 player, and I was able to find this one available on CD from the Naxos label. I thought maybe the 'Popular Classics' collection might have been a Naxos release too, but I was not able to identify it.)

    Popular Classics 1
    Beethoven - Romance in F
    Chopin - Waltz in C# minor
    Chopin-Nocturne in B Flat Min
    Faure-Song Without Words No.
    Handel - Passaccaglia
    Haydn - Surprise Symphony(2nd
    Liszt - Consolation No. 5
    Mendelssohn - Wedding March
    Schumann - Pleading Child

    Popular Classics 2
    Beethoven - Fur Elise
    Beethoven - Minuet in G
    Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata
    Bizet-Intermezzo(Carmen Suite
    Brahms - Hungarian Dance No.
    Grieg - Anitra's Dance
    Schubert - Serenade
    Strauss -Thunder and Lightnin
    Strauss-DieFledermaus Overtur

    Popular Classics 3
    Bach - Prelude in C
    Beethoven - Symphony No. 5
    Bizet - Intermezzo from Carme
    Bizet - Song of Toreadors
    Boccherini - Minuet
    Brahms - Hungarian No. 5
    Dvorak - New World Sym.(4th)
    Grieg - Anitra's Dance
    Mozart - Marriage of Figaro
    Strauss - Blue Danube
    Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake(Waltz

    Popular Classics 4
    Bach - Air On The G String
    Bizet - Aragonaise from Carme
    Bizet-Carillon from L'Arlesie
    Chopin - Fantasie Impromptu
    Chopin - Minute Waltz
    Chopin - Prelude in A
    Chopin - Waltz in A Flat
    Chopin-Etude in D Op.10 No.3
    Debussy - 1st Arabesque
    Delibes - Coppelia Suite
    Saint-Saens - The Swan
    Schubert - Moments Musical
    Schubert - Trout Quintet
    Schumann - Warum
    Tchaikovsky -Chanson Triste
    Tchaikovsky-Dance of the Swan

    Popular Classics 5
    Brahms - Waltz in A Flat
    Chopin - Raindrop Prelude
    Debussy - Clair De Lune
    Debussy-Girl With Flaxen Hair
    Dvorak - Humoresque
    Glinka - Russlan and Ludmilla
    Gossec - Gavotte In D
    Grieg-Solveig's Song-Peer Gyn
    Massanet-Meditation from Thai
    Rubinstein-Melody in F
    Schumann - Traumerie
    Strauss - Pizzicato Polka
    Strauss - Radetzky March
    Suppe - Light Calvary Overtur
    Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake(Scene

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    Amazon US lists one recording by this orchestra, but the recording is of modern Chinese music. But the Beijing Central Phil. does seem to be real. If you can navigate Amazon China, try there. Or Google the orchestra name. If Creative Nomad is still in business you can contact them.

    Sorry I can't give any better suggestions.
    If music be the food of life, play on!
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