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Thread: Veterans Families Radio - Classical Music

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    Default Veterans Families Radio - Classical Music

    Hi to all. I have read with interest this thread, and the way Technology can enhance and take forward Classical Music to many more people. I think this should be embraced, and I'd like to suggest a way to bring Classical Music to many thousands more people.
    I am the Radio Station Manager of ' Veterans Families radio ' An internet based Radio Station in the UK ( England ). We are actively looking for a Presenter to do a Weekly Classical music show ( Live or Pre-Recorded ). As we feel this is something we are missing and we could offer to our Listeners ( We have an average of 30,000 certified Listeners every Month ). This would be a Fantastic way to ' Get Classical Music out there ' and Introduce many more people to the pleasures of ' Classical Music '
    We are a Not for Profit Radio Station for UK Veterans & Their Families, and we never do Adverts or Commercials either on our Huge 76 page Website, or On Air '. Everything we do is Free to all, and is funded by ourselves. ( We never ask for money ). Therefore the position of ' Presenter ' would be on a Voluntary Unpaid basis ( As in line with all our other Volunteer Presenters )
    We would love to hear from any Ex Classical Music Radio Presenters, who would like to take up this challenge. You can be offered a Regular Weekly Slot/Live or Pre-recorded, and get your Classical music out there to our 30,000 listeners a month.
    And the show would be promoted on our Website to attracy even more Fans of Classical Music.
    Thank you for Taking the time to read this, and if anyone is interested, please feel free to get in Touch: at:
    Lawrence Ibbotson is our Founder & Station owner, and myself Tom McGreevy i9s the Radio Station Manager & Webmaster.

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    We think this is genuine.

    See this news story -

    and their website is

    Please treat with caution.
    Music begins where words leave off. Music expresses the inexpressible.

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