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    Default - Music Available

    Hello everyone,

    Check this site for recordings that are no longer available. These are all new sealed copies:


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    Very interesting, and at bargain prices (!!). The Heifetz's complete RCA is almost impossible to find anywhere. Last time I saw it was on ebay years ago and it reach the three figures.

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    Hi All,

    Box sets... so many, so little time. These are some sets I have checked out, and some sets I would like to poll the audience for info. I have used links to the company I work for so that there is a bit of info... pardon the plug.

    Beethoven: Here is one on the Zig Zag label, Jos van Immerseel conducting Anima Eterna. The Orchestra is much smaller than what has become the norm, and is estimated to be about the size of what Beethoven himself may have had at his disposal (I think, I'm sure others here will be more knowledgable on that). It is fairly inexpensive so it is a great way to take a chance on something that is a bit different. But you can't really go wrong with the the right Karajan one, early 60's. It is definitely a bargain nowadays.

    Mahler: Definitely the Tennstedt. Bernstein too. Solti for budget.

    I recently had the opportunity to perform Vaughan Williams #3 (Pastoral), it has some beautiful moments. Does anyone have a favourite for RVW sets? I have held off from purchasing any complete sets because there are a few, and I haven't read much as of yet:
    Kees Bekel on Naxos w Bournemouth
    Adrian Boult on EMI
    Bryden Thomson on Chandos

    Brahms: I am happy with my Karajan set as well, but I also have the MacKerras which I enjoy once in a while.

    And how about Shostakovich, I would like to hear what people think....

    The classical music website I work for has about 25 - 30 single copies of different volumes from the Philips series Great Pianists of the 20th Century, all factory sealed. The prices are generally around $40 US + S/H from Canada. The site is If there are particular volumes you are looking for please contact us, located at the bottom of the page.

    You can also check our other (growing) list of out of print recordings.

    Happy Hunting!
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    Default Haydn Complete Symphonies/Dorati - $65!!!

    Hello Everyone,

    Decca has repackaged the Haydn Complete Symphonies conducted by Antal Dorati into a budget set, 33 CDs for $65 US dollars. We are a Canadian company:, and so far this set is not slated for US release. Shipping to the US will be between $8-$12 US, but it still beats the $225 US from our US competitors for the original set!

    Haydn Complete Symphonies


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