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Thread: Great forum.

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    Default Great forum.

    Hi people.
    I am more than happy to see that there is a good forum about classical music.
    This is really nice community here.

    However, in my opinion, there is a need in more forum-subjects like composition here.

    Good Job.

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    Hi there, Tal- and welcome to TalkClassical! I'm glad that you're enjoying what is for me my favorite forum of its kind, too!

    We have a forum called "Today's Composers" (at screen-bottom). Our more "compostitionally active" members can ofttimes be found there. Were there any other topics that you felt deserve more extended treatment? Since I've arrived, two great "forum adds" have been the "Composer Guestbook" section and the "Movie Corner" portion of this site.

    Typically, I found that, if there's popular support for any tweaking of forum conditions, the Site Owner and Assistant Administrators are very responsive to message-board refinements.
    The hardest knife ill us'd doth lose his edge. Shakespeare- Sonnet 95

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    Thank you, Tal, for the nice comments.

    We (the staff) echo Chi town/Philly's vision about the possibility of forum refinements. If enough people have an interest in something like this, we can add additional forum sections. You may post your ideas in this forum area or PM myself or any staff member.

    Welcome to the forum, btw ... we hope you will enjoy your time here. We do have a good number of ongoing discussions, so feel free to jump right in whenever you so desire.

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    The author has done a great work. I appreciate his work.


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    Why not a section called Historical Recordings and Players ?

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