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Thread: beginners luck

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    Default beginners luck

    if i had music in (some note) major or minor.....what restrictions are created?
    TTS TTTS is preferred, so is it only when a scale is played that the rules come into play?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harlequinne View Post
    what restrictions are created?
    When working with any mode you give yourself many restrictions that sometimes interfere with the composition process. Start working with no key and see if you like what you hear. When you've got your creative juices flowing use a key if you feel that way inclined.
    When all the paint has been dried, when all the stone has been carved, music shall remain, and we shall work with what remains.

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    Default i'm not sure that i follow.....

    i was looking at some music .and i thought about the pattern of notes arranged. and i thought "where does the major part fit in?" where are the sharp or flats and how obligatory were they....
    Judged by Violins.............

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