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Thread: Need an idea for soprano & orchestra repertoire

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    Default Need an idea for soprano & orchestra repertoire

    Hi everyone,

    I am searching for nice literature (single arias or songs) which I can perform with an orchestra consisting of

    2 french horns
    2 oboes

    I am a soprano and this will be the first time I perform with an orchestra, so I'd prefer something not too high level to have a good start and tryout. I am not professional yet but preparing for conservatory entrance exams. Some arias and songs of my current repertoire are

    Strauss: Zueignung
    Catalani: Aria di Wally
    Bach: Some Soprano arias of Matthäus-Passion (I'd prefer something simpler, though...)
    Some opera arias of Verdi (e.g. Violetta: E strano... A forse lui - but something lower than a c6 would be good)

    Has anyone some nice suggestions? I'd prefer classic or romantic literature over baroque =)

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