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Thread: What happened to "other genres" when you started listening to the classical?

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    Default What happened to "other genres" when you started listening to the classical?

    Although there are many people who have been listening to the classical right from the beginning, either through musical parents or other circumstances, I suppose the majority of us have taken it up at some point after a few moments of passing interest. So, before we started listening to classical, our first encounter with music might have been pop, rock etc. So, I'd like to know:

    1. what other genres did you listen to before you started listening to the classical?
    2. what happened to those genres after you developed your deeper appreciation?
    3. did you take up any new genres after taking up the classical?

    In my case:

    1. pop, rock, metal, techno
    2. they just sound funny now although I still find some pieces to be surprisingly musical
    3. yes - ethnic and jazz

    So, I am very curious about your answers. This thread might also be a good repository for our thoughts on how taste evolves over time.

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    I listened mostly to punk and other types of rock music. Now they hardly exist to me anymore.
    "Music is not philosophy." --Akira Ifukube