I'm the program coordinator for the HHS International Cultural Exchange Center in Beijing, China. We are trying to coordinate some performance groups to take part in a 12-day group program for people of any age in Shanghai/Beijing, China. The program is centered around a performance at the Shanghai Tourism Festival, which is an international celebration held annually in Shanghai. Each year, groups from all over the world are invited to perform on stage during the parade for the Opening Ceremony.

The program is actually 12 days in Shanghai and Beijing. After the performance in Shanghai, participants will have a chance to visit a lot of different educational and cultural sites, such as the Shanghai Museum and the Great Wall of China. There will be other, smaller scale performances scheduled after the Festival ends as well.

Groups must be a minimum of 20 people. There is no age restriction, but we prefer that only 2-3 chaperones or other non-performers be allowed to accompany the group. The program cost is $690 USD per person, which includes ALL expenses except airfare and visa application fees. We are also offering a Shanghai + Luoyang program, which is only $390 USD per person. You can view a tentative itinerary for both programs on our website. Participants will arrive on September 10, 2009 and return home on September 21, 2009.

If you think about it, $690 USD is a great price for a 12-day trip to China, and $390 is even better.

Interested? Visit this link on our website: http://hhscenter.com/en/item.asp?ClassID=120. For questions or registration, contact me at klduffy86@hotmail.com or the program coordinator, Shan Xie, at narulbora@hotmail.com.