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Thread: Time Zone Issues

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    Default Time Zone Issues

    Has anyone else noticed the changing of time zones within the "time of last post" displayed beneath the name of each forum or thread?

    For example, it displays "today 15:57" and then suddenly "yesterday 23:57". I know time hasn't ticked for 8 hours till past midnight! I think instead of the moderators trying to adapt to all the time zones, they should either stick to one zone or say "5 minutes ago", "1 hour ago", or "2 days ago". Just a few suggestions.


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    Suggestion acknowledged

    The moderators haven't the power to "adapt" time zones ... that feature is part of the package built into the vBulletin software application and afaik can't be changed without great expense in time and money.

    If one scrolls down to the bottom of any page, they will see the current time for their selected zone. When a person logs off and then checks that time, it defaults to the time zone of the servers, which are physically located in Denmark.

    What happens is that in real life, our 'today' is someone elses 'tomorrow'. Comparing my time zone (MST) to say Australia where my today is their tomorrow night. So someone who posted 'tomorrow' might show up as our 'yesterday', but which is actually our 'today'. It gets quite confusing ... LOL

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