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Thread: Koss headphones. Best cheapies?

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    I do not care for headphones that require an EQ for their quality of sound. EQ is not the answer to everything. For instance, I’ve never wanted to boost the bass of the PortaPros or fiddle with the mid-range with an EQ and never felt that one could use an EQ and it would make different models of headphones be equivalent in their similarity or quality of sound. I can only question where such unhelpful ideas come from because the components found in different headphones are never the same.
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    You don't boost with EQ. You correct subtractively. Perhaps your impression of equalization is based on using the tool incorrectly.

    Every recording studio has EQ on each and every channel in the mixing board, and they use it on every recording. EQ is built into your turntable and CD player and DAC. You use EQ in your system all the time, you just don't know it. Equalization isn't a bugaboo.
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