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Thread: Wagner on DVD...Die Walkure

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    Question Wagner on DVD...Die Walkure

    The second night of the Ring and arguably the
    most popular.

    What's your DVD recommendation for this
    magnificent work?
    When all else fails, listen to Thick as a Brick.

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    In this order.

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    New MET production by Lepage aka THE MACHINE, some great visuals and some really silly ones also, oh yeah some guy named Jonas Kaufmann really upgrades the cast.......

    Great visuals - fire music conclusion

    What were they thinking absurd silliness visual - ride of the valkyries (how not to use the machine) catches our lady warriors playing horsey teeter totter with the machine

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    For me, Wotan & Brunnhilde are the key, so if that pair is wack I can't recommend. That said, it's between the Boulez posted by Pugg & the Baremboim from Bayreuth. Dame Gwyneth in the Boulez spits hot fire & imo is def the best Brunnhilde on DVD. When those arms go out & she cuts loose OMG! Her relationship with McIntyre's Wotan is pretty damn great...BUT Tomlinson as Wotan on the Barenboim is a BEAST. He sings the most exciting monologue you will find, & making that thing exciting is no small task. Plus his voice is just ideal Wotan be blunt I think Voigt is hot garbage, Terfel is a sloppy Wotan (plus he sings the slowest damn monologue I've ever heard), & Kaufmann is a majorly overrated Wagnerian imo so he can't save the LePage as much as I dig the artistic concepts...Behrens is no Brunnhilde, Morris sings a nice Wagnerian legato, but the star of this Ring is the scenery (& Salminen)...none of the conductors do anything that would make me give any of these a special advantage...the most standout voice of all the twins has got to be Jessye Norman in the Levine, & I love everything Hans-Peter Konig does so bonus point for the Lepage

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