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Thread: Can anyone identify this Mauro Giuliani piece? [Short MP3 Recording]

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    Arrow Can anyone identify this Mauro Giuliani piece? [Short MP3 Recording]

    Hello! First post and it seems like you have a lovely community here. I stumbled upon this forum in search of a way to identify one of the first classical guitar songs I learned. I was studying music theory in college for about 2 years before I dropped out. This was about a year and a half ago and I'm trying to reorganize all my old guitar lessons and sheet music.

    The first piece I learned and performed was a Giuliani. I remember a few bars but forget the rest and I cannot find my sheet music anywhere! I don't have good acoustic recording but I managed to rig up a microphone and record the following. I can't remember anything beyond what I recorded and it is driving me mad!

    If any of you can help out it would really mean a lot to me!


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    Grande Ouverture, Op. 61
    It is similar in style to Luigi Legnani and Napoleon Coste, by the way.

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