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Thread: The Kindest Cut of All

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    Act IV of Le Nozze di Figaro. Jeez just end with a wedding celebration of act III. All the best tunes have been sung by then.

    Huge chunks from the middle of Carmen. Not just was Bizet's early death a tragedy, but the tragedy of Carmen is that he never had the chance to revise and trim it.

    Aside from the above, loads of Verdi and Wagner I could do without, even in works I love.

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    - Don Carlo: drop Non pianger or at least cut a verse. Bring back the Lacrimosa permanently.
    - Billy Budd: I hate the "We're off to Samoa" part with a passion. Get that filler out of my way and give me the bass aria already.
    - the stupid minister trio in Turandot. It goes on forever.
    - the act I love duet in Tosca is way too long
    - the soldier chorus in Trovatore. it doesn't help that it's either badly choreographed play fighting/dancing or fooling around with the, erm, camp followers. imagine if Luna and Ferrando could have a duet there before Azucena arrives.
    - **** Melitone but especially his sermon. also **** Trabuco
    - I generally love Onegin but that filler French song is really unnecessary. who wants to listen to a character tenor that long?
    - Raimondo's aria is really not that good. Plot-wise it's semi-importnt but ehh
    - I'd cut Those Two Drunks from Werther entirely
    - the Siegfried/Rhienmaidens scene just never ends

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