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Thread: Blast from the Past!

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    Default Blast from the Past!

    I knew this person! Mary Reinholz was a friend and sometime collaborator back when I was a journalist in Los Angeles, and the story she referred to in her article about the episode with Tom Brokaw was one of them. We were out to bust a scam in which a grifter was running a fake meet up service, she as an "employee" of it, and I as a "customer" (no sex involved, which was kind of what the scam was about). It was great fun, and the only time I ever assumed a false identity for a news story.

    Although she was the one who contacted Brokaw for assistance through his resources on this assignment, I had the actual conversation with him. It was a big help, and he was very generous in giving us a background on it. However, I have nothing to say about the issue currently involved.

    I left Los Angeles in 1975 and over the years lost track of Mary, and although I have moved on to other activities, I see she is still a freelance journalist, now in New York. I sent her a greeting and await her response.

    Whew! Forty three years! Doesn't time fly when you are having fun?
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    From what I've learned on TC, some women wouldn't have complained if Dan Rather had done this.

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