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Thread: Hello from Eastern Tennessee

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    Default Hello from Eastern Tennessee

    Just wanted to introduce myself to you fine folks. I am a 67 year old male that has enjoyed great music of all kinds for going on 7 decades. These days I am an eclectic consumer of music those about 75% of the time I listen to either symphonies or operas. In my younger days I played alto and tenor sax in various bands during the sixties and early 70's. The money made on these gigs helped pay for my undergraduate degree. These days I am just a listener. Nothing finer that a great piece of music with a couple of fingers of good bourbon or malt and a great cigar on a Saturday evening. Very recently I have become interested in all these young violinists and violin concertos. I look forward to learning a lot from you fine folks.

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    I am also new here. I´m 52 and listened to Rock and Heavy Metal all of my life. I still do, but after discovering classical music 2 years ago, it´s 99% classical

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    Welcome both to Talk Classical. Apologies for the late post. I hope you have a great time in this forum. Which are your favourite composers? How do you listen to music? (CD / Streaming - Speakers / Headphones)

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