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Thread: Tal Wilkenfeld on bass

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    Cool Tal Wilkenfeld on bass

    Outstanding performance! Each musician can only rely on him- or herself to know where they are and everything must still hang together, and it does. They are all playing completely free—the ultimate in fusion and jazz. Like worlds colliding!

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    Mohini Dey blows away Wilkenfeld.

    Wilkenfeld is a good bass player. Mohini is one of the best in the world.

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    As a piece of music, the Herbie Hancock composition is vastly superior, imo. And it is a composition. They are not all playing completely free, but the solos are interesting in their harmonic and rhythmic complexity. Especially Herbie!

    I am not familiar with Mohini Dey, but she obviously has mega chops, as does Marco Minnemann. I didn't care for the generic guitarists. I prefer Tal because I like soulful playing. I'm not interested in chops for chops sake. I would like to hear Dey in a different context as opposed to this crowd pleasing technical display. Marco can do anything and make it entertaining because he has a great sense of fun and humor. And he possesses the most ridiculous chops of any drummer I've ever listened to.
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