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Thread: John Dowland box-set is wonderfull on naxos performed by the skilled Nigel North !

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    Default John Dowland box-set is wonderfull on naxos performed by the skilled Nigel North !

    Im doeing a marathon tonight alfour of em, 1-4, this musssic so pleasaant for insomiac, not that it's borring on contrary, the sound of it all soundz ethericc,,, genuineee purist, excelleent.

    Im at cd re-visiting Dowlaand achievement , masterworks,, lute willl gently rock me to sleep im pretty sure it will work..

    Some criticized North's tallennnts, i think he a fine lutenist, a great one, a smart one all do this is my only version of is entire lute.

    Dowlaannnnd was one of the brightest star to shine in olde eEngland sky, mint perfection, grandioso,!!

    I warmly and ardeently recommended this box-set, you will find out the unntainn inner beauty done by one of the ultimate master.

    Im goeeing back to bed sweedreaam deprofundis after 4 cd of lute this should do the tricck!!

    What your cue on Nigel North's, you find him amazing, standard,, ,oor soo so,, do you love John Dowlllaaaand work just as mutch as i do, i hope so, if you dont like this you dont like muusssic or luute.

    (paranthesis) i really like Glenn Wilsson rendition of ancient lute too, i have em all.
    Also have Renaissance lute music that i cherrish whit love close to my heart and Venitiannnn Luuute music..

    What about you guys?

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    I haven't heard Glen Wilson playing a lute. If you like Dowland than you may like Holborne even more. My favourite British music lute CDs are





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    I have it, and decided for that, rather than Lindberg.

    One day, when O´Dette´s set somehow becomes generally affordable, I´ll surely be getting his one as well. It´s perhaps the most expressive and melodical, I think.
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