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Thread: Opera anecdotes

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    Earnings of Opera singers

    I read in the sleeve notes on a set of recordings of Galli-Curci that in 1925 she demanded and was paid $2,500 per performance. The US government calculator converts that figure to $34,969 in 2017 money.

    A recent review suggest that these days, chorus members of the Met generally earn between $100.000 and $200,000 per year whereas the "stars" get $17,000 a night. The latter is roughly half what Galli-Curci was getting in today's money. However, the "super-stars do much better. At the height of his fame, Pavarotti was getting $100,000 per performance. With sponsorships and recording contracts, $5 million a year is not beyond reach of the top artists.

    As well as having great talent, these singers have trained for decades and live unbelievably stressful lives. I figure they are worth every cent, whereas top executives of even fairly mediocre companies get even more than that. In my opinion, they rarely earn it

    In Australia for example, the former CEO of Australia Post was getting $A5.4 million and the organisation never made a profit!
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