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Thread: Latelly i uncover a work i made of dark noise metal stoner band from the 1990 alone

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    Default Latelly i uncover a work i made of dark noise metal stoner band from the 1990 alone

    The name of the band is bloodmoney 666 dont ask me why i called it that way, it was out of the blue,it's essentially inspired by A.N.P and old zeni geva(the afforeded mention first band is k.k null first band, and i would listen to a lot of Gore while a youth back in the 1990, there is event some Earth and Merzbow toss in as primal influence, so you can bet it's heavy in the red and muddy , noisy has dante's inferno, musical chaos theory.
    the album onn my page just search key words bloodmoney 666 rusty knife 1,2 or 3, there on the web, my perpose back than was to make music louder than early swans ... and i think i succeded , but i would not call it very melodic or musical it's instrumental noise-metal prog stoner brutal skrunk,.IT'S ON BANDCAMP YE! eureka at llast. it sutch a lovely racket...

    This documentent the 1990'' era quite well, and i give yahj a masochistic massage in the ears to be listen at maximun volume...You will find bloodmoney 666 in Hexen page smoke & fire album in home of course,...

    My own version of sludge purist too in there... take care folks
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