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Thread: Deprofundis garage instrumental noise-rock from the early 1990'' Bloodmoney

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    Default Deprofundis garage instrumental noise-rock from the early 1990'' Bloodmoney

    Ockay i was mad when i found out there were several bloodmoney none from montreal, anyway, this is , my attemps at noise-rock| sludge & doom , prog, this was recorded in 1990 so bare whit me i was a youngster blugeoning my guitar and bass, trying to sound indus-rock but would up improvisation garage noise rock that are damage in a way but it worth a listen if your into noise more than rock,,,,, pigeon hole this between A.N.P (absolut null punkt ) and Gore from netherlands but more rusty sloppy more drunk , anyway these were the 1990'' early deprofundis life, before he done Hexen smoke and fire and before Usine no.451

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    I can't help wondering what Hans Keller would have made of rusty knife 2.
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