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Thread: Mozart Piano piece played of R3 10/8/18 after Jazz

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    Default Mozart Piano piece played of R3 10/8/18 after Jazz

    Last night I popped out to the takeaway in my car and turned on the radio. R3 - uh jazz. But it ended soon and a piano piece started. I recognised it as Mozart straight away but could not identify.

    I thought, as I pulled up outside the takeaway - I'll let it play out and find out the piece. As it played though a huge merc started reversing towards me. I hope he stops, I thought. Bloody idiot! He reversed into me and I had to turn off radio and get out to deal with it.

    "Try using your rear view mirror!" I said angrily to him.

    "Sorry - the radar didnt make a beep like it usually does."

    idiot - relies on his radar and doesnt check mirrors - dangerous driver.

    Fortunately no damage.

    So I never did find out what that Mozart piece was.

    Was anyone listening between 6 and 7 last night?

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    Just before 7 on that evening radio 3 played the first movement of Mozarts Piano Sonata no 4 performed by Mitsuko Uchida.

    Hope that helps.

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