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Thread: Hi! :) Opera Lover Here! (and instrumental!)

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    Talking Hi! :) Opera Lover Here! (and instrumental!)

    I can pinpoint my love for classical music to a single moment. My teacher had decided that our theatre class should go see a show in Toronto. Everyone was in the agreement that we should go see Rent, but about five of us in the class (of about 25 people)would not have been able to afford it.However the teacher had a mind to take us to an Opera, which was much cheaper. The opera came out on top, and so our lot, a bunch of drama students looking for excitment and music and surprises, well, went to go see Madam Butterfly.

    Amusingly, it wasn't as boring as I'd thought it would be. It probably was to everyone else. I really enjoyed Un Bel Di, and excited from my first taste of opera, I went to the gift shop as soon as it was over to purchase a couple operas on tape cassette; Madam Butterfly, and Bizet's Carmen.

    Carmen's sexy 'L'amour et un oiseux rebelle' really cinched it for me. Since then I have emersed myself in classical music, mostly opera, though I am ashamed to admit I don't know the different between a kershal and an opus. Classical music language baffles me, so I am here to amuse myself with learning all the ins and outs.

    I just finished listening to some Operas by Mozart (since he recently had a birthday. :P) and I think I'm in love with Die Zauberflote, (The Magic Flute.) The Marriage of Figaro has led me to seek out the Barbar of Seville (spelling?) amongst other Rossini operas.

    Oh, you may have noticed I meantioned listening, as opposed to attending. Well thats because Madam Butterfly is the only Opera I've ever been to in person, everything else I' borrow from the library as cassettes or VHS. :3 I've never been to a symphony, though I sang in a childrens choir when I was small, so I guess that could be considered 'attending'. But I hope to actually go to another opera sometime soon, its just to expensive for me to go to every show that comes to town. (Cats is coming to my city soon, and dang they have to tempt me with Andrew Lloyd Webber!)

    Okay, so, thats me, and my opera history. If I had to be stuck on an Island with any one opera it would be Die Zauberflote! Litterally, I can hear all the arias in my head if I'm not thinking of anything else.

    Lurve Ya
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    Welcome urbandryad!

    And sorry about the loooong time before I replied to your thread - this will change soon
    I hope to see you around again as this place will come to life once more

    Kind regards

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