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Thread: Mozart Chopin and Debussy Solo Piano

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    A good deal of Copeland/Debussy on you-tube.

    At least some has been released on (rare) CDs too, but I haven´t bought or ordered any yet.

    I agree, I like his style a lot too ...

    51 minutes here
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    Yes, Copeland plays Debussy with the same kind of freedom of expression that you find in Debussy's own piano rolls. The only pianist today that I've heard approach Debussy's music in a fairly similar way is Radu Lupu.

    I just bought the Pearl CD of Copeland's recordings, which includes a good deal of Debussy (but not the Faun transcription). Otherwise, I see that Copeland's Victor solo recordings are out of print, and appear to be hard to find (thank goodness for You Tube).

    I also came across the following 2018 2 CD release from the Arbiter label, entitled "Debussy's Traces", which looks interesting, but it contains no recordings by Copeland. I was interested to learn that Horszowski had heard Debussy play his own music:

    Edit: Thanks for the further Copeland link (51 minutes!), I'll listen to it tonight.
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    Indispensable early piano roll performances of Debussy by Copeland, Rubinstein, Paderewski, Grainger, and others:

    I love this era of pianism by some of these relatively forgotten first rate keyboard giants of the first half of the 20th century.
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