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Thread: The Guitar and the Piano: Differences

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    Default The Guitar and the Piano: Differences

    These ideas are based on Pat Martino's The Nature of the Guitar.

    I'l start posting ideas on this shortly, and this will give those interested a chance to read Guy Capuzzo's academic treatise
    Pat Martino's The Nature of Guitar: An Intersection of Jazz Theory and Neo-Riemannian Theory," which appears in Volume 12, Number 1, of Music Theory Online: The Online Journal of the Society for Music Theory.
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    Doesn't the guitarist rather enjoy open-string passing notes , perhaps even tuning the strings eccentrically to make playing easy and graceful . Tune a fish , eh ?
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    Having an open string note between two chords that are distant on the fingerboard is helpful, it covers the shift. This could be a passing tone or a chord tone. Don't know of anyone changing their tuning to achieve this.

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