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  • "I See the Rain" - (The Marmalade)

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  • "And Your Bird Can Sing" - (The Beatles)

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  • "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" - (Bob Dylan)

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  • "Who Knows Where The Time Goes?" - (Fairport Convention)

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  • "Cinnamon Girl" - (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)

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  • "Along Again Or" - (Love)

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  • "The Warmth of the Sun" - (The Beach Boys)

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  • "Different Drum" - (Linda Ronstadt & the Stone Poneys)

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  • "The Kids Are Alright" - (The Who)

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  • "Sunday Morning" - (The Velvet Underground)

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  • "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" - (Neil Young & Crazy Horse)

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  • "Care of Cell 44" - (The Zombies)

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  • "Monday, Monday" - (The Mamas & the Papas)

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  • "She May Call You Up Tonight" - (The Left Banke)

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  • "Run To Me" - (The Bee Gees)

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Thread: Under the Covers - Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - "Under the Covers, Vol. 1"

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    Sydney Nova Scotia

    Default Under the Covers - Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - "Under the Covers, Vol. 1"

    Cover songs...

    Sometimes a cover song can be of such profound significance that it overshadows the original tune to such an extent that it essentially ceases to exist and thus when heard is often mistaken for a "cover" of the "original"...

    Tunes are covered by performers who genuinely wish to express their affection and their admiration - their respect and reverence - for the artist's abilities and achievements - their craftsmanship and artistry - which served as the source of inspiration which led them down the career path that they have chosen to follow..

    At times this thread will focus on a single artist or group who released an album with multiple cover songs.

    At times this thread will focus on a single song and a selection of the covers from multiple artists.

    "Under the Covers" is both the name for this new series of threads which will explore cover songs and it is also the title of the first album that is under consideration -

    Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoff's "Under the Covers, Vol. 1".

    Attachment 107786

    "Under the Covers, Vol. 1" is the first collaboration between alternative rock artist Matthew Sweet and Bangles singer/guitarist Susanna Hoffs. Released by Shout! Factory in 2006, the album contains 15 cover versions of songs from the 1960s and 1970s.

    Every thread will have links to the tunes themselves which you can access.

    This thread has different judging criteria than the "Deep Tracks" and "Classic Tracks" polls in which you are asked to cast votes for your favourites -

    The tunes selected should be judged not on whether they meet or exceed the originals but rather on one simple concept to wit -

    "Would you listen to this tune a second time?".

    The question being asked is whether these artists acquitted themselves honourably - whether they brought something unique or unusual - something intangible or inspired - which helped to illuminate the tune or tunes in question and thus enlightened the listener by allowing them to hear something different in something that was once all-too-familiar...

    And so the method of voting is such - there is no limit on the number of selections that you are allowed to choose and your selections represent the expression of your opinion which states that this is indeed a song which merits a second spin...

    In the poll section the name of the tune will be followed by the original artist...

    Your commentary is always welcomed...
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