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Thread: Stupid movie you watch religieously well not stupid buit kitsch value of 80'' see

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    Default Stupid movie you watch religieously well not stupid buit kitsch value of 80'' see

    The Pope of Greenwitch village film, starting eric roberts (in possibly is greatest role , himself) and Mickey Rooke ,and thee sexy Darryl Hannah.. remenber the cult scene,: Charlie they took my tumbs man (eric robert faint) what a performance , i would have give him a grammy of the year.

    Now dont think im some sort of sadist ockay i just find it hilareous has hell
    im sorry, charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they took my tumb the bedbug took my tumb man

    PLEASE also hail the utter greatness of Burt Young in a role of a convincing Mobster..
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    Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon delighted me a third of a century ago and it delights me today.

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    I won't say that I watch these religiously, but they are delightfully stupid, and I do watch them about every 5-10 years......they just crack me up!

    I love music. I want music. I need music.

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    AKA: The Creature Wasn't Nice (1983)

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