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Thread: Opera terms

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    Default Opera terms

    Please help me find good examples for these opera terms as defined by Donald Sanders in his book, "Experiencing Verdi: A listener's companion".

    1. da capo aria: "three-part which an opening section (A) is followed by another (B) that usually contrasts in mood and key. At the end of B, A is repeated, providing the opportunity for the singer to improvise embellishments."

    Example: Non lo dirro col labbro-Handel's Tolomeo

    Do you agree? If not, why not?

    2.-3. cantabile: "...the first section of a standard two- or three- part a moderate to slow tempo..."

    Batti, batti, o bel Masetto (first part)-Don Giovanni

    cabaletta: " section of a bel canto aria..livelier than a cantabile...vocal agility...sudden emotional shift..."

    Batti, batti (second part) "Pace, pace, o vita mia..."

    Am I right?

    4. cadenza: "An improvisatory passage...usually in virtuosic style."

    I need help on this one. Examples, anyone? It sounds dangerous.

    5. stretta: "A section added to the end of a bel canto opera ensemble in which the tempo becomes markedly faster."

    Any examples that come to mind would be useful.

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    Take a look here: Opera terms

    and see if your questions are answered.

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