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Thread: Female Chest Voice: Old Schooling vs Modern Singing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodduck View Post
    I think we'd rather hear a dissertation on fachs.
    I mean....if you really want me to

    In the meantime, another superb example of the old schooling of chest voice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BalalaikaBoy View Post
    you know what? I'm gonna run with this. we're up to 4 so far, so let's do the top 10 great tragedies
    5) (gonna cheat and combine two here). the death of the contralto voice, first in the 50s with the death of Kathleen Ferrier, next in the 80s with the death of Karen Carpenter. in both cases, incredibly untimely deaths
    6) the extinction of the neanderthals
    7) mass extinctions of ice age mega fauna across
    8) the rise of the Beatles, and with them, the metastasizing of the male voice via the rise of the whiny, teenage boy-sounding tenor and the death of manly, dark bass and baritone voices like Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole
    9) the career of Elena Souliotis cut short by vocal damage
    10) 3rd wave feminism and identity politics
    You go!!!!!:-)

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