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Thread: Opera recommendations

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sloe View Post
    As there should be one. I really like the first act of Tristan känd Isolde.
    So do I. In Act One of Tristan, Wagner sets himself the extraordinary challenge of finding words and music to express, not the deepest feelings Tristan and Isolde have for each other, but the distortions and disguises their suppressed feelings assume. Rage, fear, depression, despair, bitterness, irony, sarcasm - all brilliantly delineated up to the moment when the pair's cryptic suicide pact goes terribly and gloriously wrong. Probably no composer had ever attempted to express such psychological subtlety beneath the surface of conversation; the lovers speak almost in code, and the music depicts their fluctuating states of mind with surgical precision. I find Wagner to be as potent a musical dramatist in this act as anywhere in his works, and as anywhere in opera.
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