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    my name is Talin and I'm a filmmaker living in Berlin, originally from Austria.
    I used to play violin(not very well though), piano and guitar but mainly focused on singing, while I was in a musical high school. But it's been a while since(I'm turning 30 in 3 weeks!) and I haven't really had the chance to do much music ever since.

    I've found this forum while looking for a solo piece for cello for my film - I love music intensely but unfortunatly don't know much more about cello pieces than the Bach suits(which I looooove!!)
    I posted in the sting-subforum about the piece I am looking for - any suggestions are welcome and amazing!
    Otherwise I will mostly be reading and learning here, I feel
    Very happy to be here!

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    Hello Talin, welcome to this forum. I had not been greeting new members in one week but your presentation has the looks. There are a lot of readers and writers here and also players. How do you listen to classical music? Headphones, speakers, LP, CD, streaming?

    Enjoy Talk Classical!

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    Welcome to TalkClassical, Talin. There's plenty to learn about all aspects of classical music here. I hope you enjoy the forum.

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