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Thread: Geometric Voice Leading Presentation

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    Quote Originally Posted by millionrainbows View Post
    This is the post that distorted it. Yes, pianos have twelve different unique shapes for each chord, but this is to be seen as one of the unique mechanical aspects of the keyboard. I am comparing this to the guitar's ability to move "one unique shape" up and down chromatically, covering all 12 key areas.

    Not better, just different. It's not to be seen as a burden for the lazy or an obstacle to the "retarded," and the solution is NOT to become a 21st-century musical illiterate who toys with Casio keyboards. That's condescending.
    Traditional keyboard design is hardly anything amazing or some of kind great engineering design. It's great for beginners that want to play in C major or some of the modes , other than that, I can't say a single good word for it... Here is a list of some modern keyboards with non-traditional designs:

    I personally think that splitting the 12 keys into 2 whole tone scales - black and white keys is the best version of 12 note keyboard. It's not as easy as most of other variants, needs less keys, it's close to piano, but without the problems of it.
    I know some electronic producers and most of them stick to just white keys, then transpose in the computer software, haha...
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    I knew a studio musician who had perfect pitch, and said he couldn't do the transpose thing, where you play in C and it's really G-sharp or something.. That sounds like an impediment to me.

    I think if the piano was laid-out chromatically, in alternating white and black notes, it would work:


    Notice that this would fit together up thru the octaves. The notes would be (White: C-D-E-F#-G#-A#) and (Black: C#-D#-F-G-A). Hey, that's the same as your whole-tone scale layout!
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    Forumites, all this talk of new keyboard layouts buggers up my last 35 years of on/off practice!!!!

    I knew a violinist with perfect pitch who could not read transposed scores because of the disparity between sight and sound - quite an impediment for a composer, but she wasn't too bothered.

    Oh and what's the definition of perfect pitch?

    Tossing a viola into the toilet and it not touching the sides.

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