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Thread: The one constant during the Red Sox Dynasty

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    Default The one constant during the Red Sox Dynasty

    The Boston Red Sox have now won four World Series Titles in 15 years! They have done so with different players, different managers and different General Managers. But there has been one constant in these victories - the smartest man in baseball, Bill James. The Sox hired James in 2003 and the rest is history. If you love the game and haven't read his books and abstracts you have been missing out. The Bill James Historical Abstract may be the best book ever written about the game.

    The movie Moneyball is really about using the methods that James has advocated through the years. As an adult I thought I understood the game. Then someone lent me a copy of the 1983 Bill James Abstract......and the scales fell from my eyes.
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    I'm not a Red Sox fan, but I am a huge fan of Bill James. When I was younger, several of us had fun analyzing baseball players using James (and some others') statistical methods. We learned that Babe Ruth may be the most underrated baseball player ever.

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    The Red Sox are a club that now know how to do things properly. After so many years of both heartbreak and underachievement I'm glad the Red Sox are back at the top, and it seems as if the hiring of Bill James was a very smart move by J.W.H. Could you imagine the likes of Marge Schott or Charlie Finley having the imagination to hire him?
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