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Thread: Create Chill Playlist (All Selections Allowed)

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    Default Create Chill Playlist (All Selections Allowed)

    This thread is kind of building off the one a while back started by Norman Bates, which I thought was a good thread idea, but a little too restrictive once it got rolling. So I'm starting a new one in which anyone can post any non-classical pieces they feel qualify as being 'chill'. Feel free to post your suggestions, or just enjoy these tracks:

    Foster The People - Sit Next To Me

    Sensual Seduction (Instrumental)

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    I like this track, especially the second half. And the title is very appropriate. Wonderful video as well. Chiiilllll out

    Tetsu Inoue - Chill In Chill Out

    The one that follows is even better. It's like... taking a warm bath in sound. From the album "Organic Cloud". Headphones recommended!

    Tetsu Inoue - Ring of Power
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