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Thread: Sustain pedal through rests and staccato

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    Default Sustain pedal through rests and staccato

    I don't see the logic of notating or playing with the sustain down through rests and staccato. For example Alice Sara Ott is a world class player, but those opening notes to Chopin's opus 18 are not staccato, just accented. And here: it's supposed to be quarter, rest, quarter but ends up being played half, quarter because the sustain is down.

    And I'm not picking on this particular player. You hear it all the time.
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    Okay. Good question. But it sounds like she's creating the sustain on the opening few bars by holding down her finger on each note rather than using the sustain pedal. Try it. Then she starts using the sustain pedal where it's marked in the score. If those notes were played in a dry, military, clipped staccato without it, it would probably sound harsh.

    In the second example, the articulation of the note can still sound staccato even with a sustained effect. The staccato is in the attack of the note and that's what's considered most important. I've heard similar effects with other pianists and I really care for Ms. Ott.

    Rubinstein is a little more clearly staccato but is similar in sound. The staccato is a little more clipped but there's still very much of a legato flowing feel to the overall waltz:

    I have to love the melodic genius of Chopin in virtually everything he wrote.
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