(I just realized that somehow implies that I am religious, given the work itself? Let me clarify, I'm not.)

When I first tried to listen to this I tried to find a YouTube video with sheet music, so I clicked on the first one with sheet music (the video description says it's the English Baroque Soloists Orchestra (?) with the Monteverdi Choir, conducted by John Eliot Gardiner), and it's really the only performance I listen.

I have, however, listened to various clips of single-movements, and there was one ensemble that I don't remember who had a very strategic placement of the singers so you can really hear the middle voices (A & T) well... unfortunately I don't remember who performed that.

My favorite movements -

My favorite movement is probably always going to be the Introit... I wrote a whole rant on it to my friend (I won't put it here because it's stupidly written and rambly). The Kyrie in the recording that I listened to had WONDERFUL dynamics control, so it would often go UP and d o w n and the UP again all the way till the tension chord towards the ending.... Rex Tremendae is also wonderful... very majestic yet also somewhat "simplistic" (in a good way!) in some notes.... Recordare is also amazing!! There are some notes that are "dissonant" (if I remember correctly) and I love those. Of course also Confutatis - my favorite part is the "overlapping" of the Sopranos and the Altos with rests in either the first or second voca me part... as in, one part would start while the other has a rest and starts in a beat later... or perhaps they would both be singing and one part ends earlier than the other... I don't quite remember but either way hearing one voice section carry during a "duet" is very beautiful. I also love Lacrimosa Dies Illa and Domine Jesu Christe... and of course how the last movement repeats the first!