When you get to that stage of life (aged or incapacitated) where you've nothing to do, nowhere to go, what do you do to occupy yourself and keep the brain active?

I have constant music, a mix of Baroque, jazz and swing, 45x3hour playlists, so repeat every 10 - 12 days, shuffled and add/subtract a few tracks from time to time. I visit 4 or 5 forums a few times each day, in between I have a few other things on the computer to occupy me, I can play Srabble, bridge, cribbage or various games of solitaire, I can also do jigsaws on screen, take any image from the computer or on line and the computer will make a jigsaw from it which I then do.

When I find the energy and will to move from the computer I have a model railway under construction - second childhood, playing trains - work in progress