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Thread: Hello from North Carolina

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    Default Hello from North Carolina

    Hello all,

    A Google search for music reviews led me to Talk Classical about a year ago, I've been visiting almost daily ever since, and I thought I should finally join. I am in awe of all the musical knowledge here, don't know how much I can contribute, but it is nice to have the option.

    I grew up in a home with classical music playing frequently. I played the cello for nine years as a child, my mother played the piano, and my father was the classical music savant of the family. Over the years, my taste in music has gone from classical to rock and roll to jazz and back to classical. I enjoy a wide variety of classical music and have difficulty choosing favorites, but lately I've been listening to a lot of J. S. Bach and Vivaldi.


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    Welcome, RockyIII! Do you also like a little bit of Survivor's music?

    Any posts you want to make are welcome. Share your experiences, knowledge, and perspectives. That's what makes this community grow and blossom.

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