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Thread: Problems With Embedded Videos

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    Default Problems With Embedded Videos

    I don't know if anyone is having any trouble playing Youtube videos that other people are posting. (I can't even play the ones that I have posted).

    Oddly, people who are from Las Vegas can view them with no problem. I normally use Firefox browser and have a lot of popup blockers. I tried to play them with Microsoft Edge (only one pop-up blocker) and it worked fine. It still doesn't explain how the Las Vegas people are able to watch them. I live in the U.S. and it doesn't really say that the video is unavailable in my country, it just says the video is unavailable. I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem as well.

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    From what information I have been able to find is that YouTube has several common error messages that may appear when trying to view a video.

    1) copyright issues - they have the right to delete one that violates copyright laws;

    2) some internet companies do not wish to have their content viewed from abroad. Seems there is no particular one or two reasons why this happens but it does change from one internet provider to another across the globe;

    3) When you see "this video is currently unavailable" often times the video is actually there and there are some options that may allow it to be viewed like selecting a lower quality level for the video itself. If you click the 'settings' button (looks like a cog/gear) and view different possible settings;

    4) Sometimes we'll see the message "An error has occurred - please try again later". The fix for that is ... ... try again later.

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