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Thread: "Easy" Chopin

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    Chopin's Prelude No.20 is not especially hard from a technical standpoint--a few big chords here and there. It's slow, so that helps!
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    There's a wealth of lesser-known works by Chopin which is quite accessible.

    - Waltz in A minor (Op.posth): A really beautiful miniature Waltz with a simple single-lined RH melody. A couple of small ornamental notes included, but a very nice introductory piece to Chopin. There's also the posthumous Waltz "Sostenuto" in E flat.

    - The two early Polonaises (B flat major & G minor): Really pretty little polonaises from Chopin's youth. Include some passagework and hand crossings, but again, very accessible.

    - Two Eccossaises: That's right... Chopin composed two of them! Very short and fun pieces in classical style.

    These are just a couple of suggestions; there's many collections by the likes of Alfred publishing which include easier works. If you're really sure you'd like to tackle the harder genres, I'd suggest Nocturne in G minor Op.37 No.1; a couple of the easier Waltzes (Op.69 in B minor); and a couple of the Preludes (A minor, E minor, C minor).

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